Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scranton or The AmeriKim Dream

First post of 2013! While I haven't been the most prolific artist so far this year (or any year...) please don't mistake the lack of posting for a dip in productivity, in fact, there are big things coming along in the next few months!

For now, the first order of business should definitely be the art accompanying this post; my friend Kim's birthday was fast approaching and I was asked by a mutual friend to draw Joe Biden for the occasion; the inspiration for the piece would be painting of Napoleon Bonaparte, a man for whom my affection is no secret. I have been reading a lot about early to mid 20th century illustrators (Robert Fawcett and Albert Dorne, especially) and felt this was as good an opportunity as any to try to put what I'd learned from looking at their work into practice. Of the piece itself, I will say that while drawing the resolute desk seemed like a good idea initially, it became quite evident that I'd bitten off more than I could chew. But chew I did, several markers, and some time in Photoshop later, this piece is the result.

In other news, I should mention that I have been taking a course in sequential storytelling at Montreal's Concordia University since September (actual name of the class is Special topics in Drawing: The Graphic Novel, taught by one Patrick McEown, if you're interested in looking it up) and have learned a great deal. So much so that I can say with confidence that you will be seeing a webcomic appearing by me quite soon, before the summer, I would say.

And finally, it would be a crime not to mention my involvement in Pure Steele, an adventure book by some of my good friends, in fact, the very same friends by and for whom this Joe Biden piece was commissioned. They were kind enough to allow me to contribute to this tome which has been very much a labor of love for them, and it is an immense pleasure to have my name appearing next to theirs on its cover. Pure Steele will be published some time this year by Blind Ferret Press.

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